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Mini 6 Inch Sloth


Buy Direct Price $4.99

Mini 6 Inch Sloth Perfect for Small Hands and Collectors. Use as a Desk Decor

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19" Grey Tabby Floppy Cat


Buy Direct Price $24.95

19" Floppy Grey Tabby Measuring 19 " this cat is amazing. Each one is handmade and detailed with th…

Plush Mini Panda

Little Handful®

Buy Direct Price $8.99

Plush Mini Panda by Little Handfuls® Cute mini plush animals. 5-7" Sizes Collect all 48 Varieties…

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Slowy Dropping By

Slowy dropping by to visit everyone mid-week.Super humid in the Great Lakes this week. Join us

Jul 26th 2022

Lila Our Labradoodle

Lila makes a perfect plush animal for any small child or Labradoodle lover. She is in a laying

Jul 22nd 2022

Pembroke has Arrived

Pembroke our Welsh Corgi has arrived. Designed after one of our fans Corgis. He has such detail

May 22nd 2022