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Mini 6 Inch Sloth


K&K Price $4.99

Mini 6 Inch Sloth Perfect for Small Hands and Collectors. Use as a Desk Decor Ages 3+ Small Par…

Blueberry Grey Bunny Rabbit


K&K Price $14.97

12 Inch Grey Bunny Rabbit "Blueberry" Soft Cuddly and Realistic Looking. Follow us on Instagram fo…

Hollander Our Mini Dutch Bunny


K&K Price $12.97

Hollander Bunny 11 Inches in Length 8 Inches High and 5 Inches Wide Cuddly and Adorable Collect …

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We Love Love Love Seeing the Kids with Their New Plush

Our Newest Member to Our Auswella Family.Cuddling with His New Charlie Plush Golden Retriever.At Aus

Mar 21st 2021

Beethoven Loves all the Cuddles He Gets from Marabella

We Love Hearing the Positive Feedback From Our Moms...Please send in any images you wish to have fea

Jun 15th 2020

Blake Loves Her New Kitty Snowball

Consider Our Plush to Enhance Your Child's First Professional Photographs...We have so many pets and

May 11th 2020
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