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Henrietta the 5-Inch Grey Hamster: Adorable and Cuddly Pet for Kids and Hamster Enthusiasts

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Product Description

Introducing Henrietta, the adorable 5-inch grey hamster that's perfect for kids and hamster enthusiasts! Made with high-quality materials and designed in a standing upright pose, Henrietta is soft, cuddly, and fun to play with. She's recommended for children 3 years and older, and is sure to become a beloved pet in no time.

Don't miss out on the other 13 hamsters in our collection! Collect them all and create your very own hamster family. With a variety of colors, poses, and expressions, our hamsters are the perfect addition to any collection.

Buy Henrietta and other hamsters from our collection today, and experience the joy of having these lovable pets by your side. Order now and receive free shipping on all orders over $50!