Meadow Loves Her Little Lana Llama©

Meadow Loves Her Little Lana Llama©

Luigi on May 8th 2020

Lana Llama has found her new home with little Meadow.

Perfect in size for her to hold and play with. 

Stuffed Animals are a perfect companion for children ages 3-12.  

Please excercise caution with children under 3 years of age.

Their favorite plush toy will bring them a sense of security aiding in the relief of any anxiety or feelings of loneliness. 

Children also love to practice their speaking skills with favorite plush animal. Finding ways to articulate their ideas to others. They learn to care and nurture their little animal and play mommy or daddy. 

Many adults find themselves holding on to their favorite bear or plush animals as through the years it brings a sentimental value and a feeling of safety. 

Find your favorite life long friend from our Auswella® line here at Wholesale Plush.

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